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Flint & Tinder is more than a brand name; it’s a description of the way we work and our approach to graphic design.

We believe good graphic design always starts with good ideas; however good ideas are hard to come by. Contrary to what people believe, good ideas rarely come from nowhere, usually they come about as the result of hours of exploration and consideration. Good ideas not only have to be able to be converted into something visually appealing, but they must be considerate of their target market and also effectively communicate the message of the business behind it.

You could say that design is our life. We watch films about it, we read about it and we try to consume it as much as possible. It’s our passion and it fuels the fire inside us to consistently do bigger and better things. Whilst the commercial experience we have gained in working as both an in-house and agency-employed graphic designers has meant that we have picked up many different skills including print design, branding, web design, motion-graphics and video production, it’s ideas that we’re best at. What we don’t know is your business and that’s where you come in.

Using flint & tinder is an antiquated method to create fire. The flint provides the spark and the tinder provides the fuel. We think it sums up a good working relationship. Without each other the objects have limited uses but together they can create something beautiful and more than the sum of their parts. With a client’s input and co-operation, we always aim to find out as much as we can about the company we’re working with and the industry they’re in. This knowledge, combined with the expertise of the client and the sparks of creativity that we bring, is how the really good ideas come about.

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