Back in 2012 we conducted a logo and branding exercise for Southsea based home-ware Miki Organic. Claire Watson who runs Miki, had contacted us as she was looking to rebrand the existing shop and product packaging and we were delighted to take on the project as her desired style and aesthetics were right up our own minimalist-inspired street. However earlier this year Claire had a change of thought and opted to ditch Miljø for the far easier to pronounce Thirteen Trees. Thankfully Claire also picked us to conduct the branding design for the revised brand name, so we will be posting the finished results in our main portfolio shortly.

In the meantime, we liked the style of work we did for the name of Miljø and thought they it seemed a shame that they would never see the light of day… until now. So presented below are the three initial ideas we presented to Claire back in 2012.

Logo & Branding Idea #1

Logo design idea #1 for Miljø Southsea

Packaging design #1 for Miljø Southsea

Logo & Branding Idea #2

Logo design for Miljø homestore in Portsmouth

Branding and packaging design for Miljø homeware in Portsmouth

Logo & Branding Idea #3

Third minimalist logo design for Miki Organic in Southsea

Final packaging and branding design for Miki Organic in Southsea