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Website design and build for Bullseye TV Show

The site was built using WordPress as a CMS.

Bullseye Hall of Fame page design - javascript powered

The 'Hall Of Fame' page design.

Custom design for Bullseye website page

Design for the 'Play' page.

Bullseye TV Gameshow full homepage website design

The full homepage design.

Website Design & Build

Project Brief

Legendary TV gameshow Bullseye, approached Flint & Tinder through a personal recommendation with the opportunity to update their existing website.

Aside from the requirements that an emphasis was placed on promoting their main revenue streams, the only request relating to the visual design and layout was that the site needed to be given a look similar to contemporary TV gameshow sites such as ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’, ‘Goldenballs’ and ‘The X-Factor’ (because let’s be honest, it is pretty much a gameshow these days).

Knowing about our preference of building sites using the WordPress framework, Bullseye also asked for as much of the content to be editable as possible in order to reduce the amount of time they spent updating their site.

The Solution

For the design, we opted to move away from the existing red and white striped theme of the original site and go for a darker blue theme. This allowed us to bring in stage lights and glass reflections, a common theme of contemporary gameshow websites. For the design we also introduced an updated set of typefaces in order to modernise the brand.

For the functionality of the site, we converted the standard WordPress framework into a complete Content Management System (CMS), allowing all of the text on the site to be edited and changed.

Since the site launch feedback from existing Bullseye fans has been positive and the site was reviewed in Web User magazine where it was awarded 4 stars out of a possible 5.


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