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Website design and build for Cotton Candy Wedding Photography

The final site was built as a WordPress CMS.

Page design for the retro camera page of the Cotton Candy Wedding Photography website

Sample sub-page design.

Full homepage website design for Cotton Candy Photography

The full homepage design.

Website Design & Build

Project Brief

London and Portsmouth based Cotton Candy Photography approached Flint & Tinder with the task of updating their existing html website and shifting the framework from static HTML and CSS to WordPress so that the complete site would function as a CMS. During initial projects discussions they stipulated that although the new site must retain the look and feel of their existing site and corporate identity, they were also looking for the functionality to be modernised and given the ‘wow-factor.’

The Solution

As the photography company needed to present a lot of information to their clients, Flint & Tinder proposed that a condensed version of the entire site was presented on the homepage allowing users to get a complete feel for all their services without needing to drill down to numerous pages across the site. We did of course create standalone pages containing more in-depth information for all the sections as well, both in order to provide detailed information for their clients but to also help the site in terms of SEO.

To give the site an element of the ‘wow-factor’ we implemented a ‘fixed-float’ menu sidebar built with Javascript. In time we will also be devising a mobile-only version of the site.

In order to give the site a more contemporary look, we suggested new typefaces to be used, but retained the existing branding colour palette.

Since launching the site, Cotton Candy have seen both an increase in enquires and potential leads and also an increase in Google clicks and search queries.

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