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Logo design for Hampshire catering firm Fresh From 77

Logo design for Fresh From 77.

Business card design for Hampshire catering company Fresh From 77

Business card design.

Website design for Hampshire catering company Fresh From 77

Wordpress website design.

Full page website design for Hampshire catering company Fresh From 77

Complete homepage design for Fresh From 77.

Logo design, Branding identity, Business Cards, Website Design & Build.

Project Brief

Hampshire-based chef Peter Axworthy required a complete startup kit for his new catering company Fresh From 77. Given the quality of Peter’s work, the Flint & Tinder team in the Southsea studio, were delighted to help him out and taste a bit of his lovely food in the process!

Peter’s brief was clear, he wanted a logo that represented his approach to food. For Pete fresh good quality ingredients are a vital part of cookery. Given that one area of business Peter was looking to branch into – personal dining – is really only a luxury of the well-paid, the brand would also need to reflect the high-end brands this section of the population already own or aspire to own; brands such as BMW, Fortnum and Mason and Swarovski. However despite this desire for the brand to represent a certain level of slickness, Peter didn’t want to lose or ignore the rustic roots of the ingredients he used.

The Solution

We provided Peter with a variety of logo design ideas after our initial brand research had been completed. Of all these ideas both parties felt one logo represented Peter’s approach to cookery above all the others and it is this idea that became the final logo presented above. As Peter had indicted that he was keen on colour scheme primarily based around dark grey during our development meetings, this colour became the base of the brand identity. The elements that made up the rest of the identity can be seen on the business card design we produced for Peter.

The website was built in WordPress as a Content Management System allowing Peter to update his services, add recipes and create blog posts in a simple straight-forward process. Feautures of the site included an option to promote specific services on the homepage and a custom Javascript powered image gallery.

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