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The homepage design as seen on a laptop computer.

The site was build within the WordPress framework.

The complete homepage design for London company MyCarBroker

Full homepage design for the site.

Website Design & Build

Project Brief

London based entrepreneur Shane Wilson commissioned Flint & Tinder with the task of creating a website and logo design for his start-up business MyCarBroker. The site needed to be visually appealing, easy to update and was set up to be as optimised for Google search engine results as possible.

The Solution

The build was somewhat of an unusual and complex task as we needed to implement a process that would easily allow Shane to input the data from his suppliers into the WordPress database. After looking at a variety of options, we settled on a system that allows Shane to create new products (cars) on bulk via spreadsheets created in Google Docs. This means that each product is entered into the system as a custom post, giving each car a custom ID number in order for MyCarBroker clients to easily inform Shane of which car they would like to purchase.

This feature combined with some custom code that allowed each and every final car post URL to be prepended with the manufacturer, model and sub-model category names, and the standard implementation of SEO practices that we add to all our sites, means that is fully optimised for Google and all other major search engines.

The design came about thanks to our current love of the Futura typeface and orange as a vibrant standout colour. Whilst we also designed another version that worked the triangle motif into the design a bit more, Shane preferred the more minimal version, as in truth, did we.

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