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Web Build, Web Design

Wordpress website design and build for Swain and Co. Hampshire solicitors

Homepage design for the main Swain and Co. website.

Swain and co fullpage wed design,

The full homepage design.

Criminal Lawyers Portsmouth website design

Criminallawyersportsmouth.com satellite site design.

www.inanaccidentnotmyfault.com website design.

Inanaccidentnotmyfault.com satellite site design.

Website Design & Build and Custom WordPress Theme

Project Brief

Leading Solicitor’s firm Swain and Co. contacted Flint & Tinder with the request that we update their existing website and implement the functions necessary for them to improve their Search Engine Results and Search Queries through the implementation of modern SEO principles.

The Solution

Once a site design had been approved, the team at the Portsmouth-based Flint & Tinder studio created a custom WordPress theme for use as the main Swain and Co. site. Within this theme we implemented a variety of SEO-specific plug-ins that allow the marketing to custom  both the off-oage meta data and on-page content hierarchy that is vital for good search engine results.

Since the launch of the site, due to the theme created by Flint & Tinder and the ongoing hard-work in updating the site with fresh content by the marketing department, search queries and client enquiries have increased considerably. A job well done we think.

In order to further improve their client reach and allow them to target specific keywords and search phrases, after the main site was built, we built Swain and Co. another custom WordPress theme for use as a basis for a number of Satellite sites they planned to launch. In order to make this theme flexible enough to serve several sites of different purposes and with different target audiences, Flint & Tinder built a system into the theme that allowed many aspects to be easily changed from installation to installation. Examples of how this theme can be customised is shown in the examples above.


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