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The homepage design for Havant art centre The Spring

The homepage design for Havant art centre The Spring.

Complete page wordpress website design for The Spring

The original complete homepage design.


Website Design & Build

Project Brief

Havant based art and heritage centre The Spring, contacted us in late 2012 with a proposal for a new website in order to increase ticket sales and visiter count. The team at The Spring already had a strong idea of how they wanted the site to look and feel but were open to suggestions about additional features we could implement that would help easily provide users with an overview of all the events and shows they staged.

The team were also keen to shift their existing site framework over from Joomla to WordPress, due to the latter’s superior adaptability and ease of use. As we prefer to build our CMS websites using the WordPress framework, this request, along with the request for a sleek and minimalist styled design was a perfect match for design and development skills.

The Solution

Inspired by the recent BBC website overhaul, we devised a homepage that offered the user numerous ways to drill down into The Spring’s calendar of events. Most of these major features were created using jquery functions in order to compress the screen estate used and also make sure that all users, including those using tablets and mobile devices.

In order to further help the user quickly identity types of events they were interested in, we implemented a colour system previously only used in the venue’s printed programme. To create this, we had to take advantage of WordPress’ custom post types and taxonomies and doing so also enabled the marketing team to simply add new events and have them automatically appear across all the different areas of the site.

Along with the standard features we add to all our WordPress sites, such as security firewalls and premium contact forms, we also implemented the best in SEO plugins to enable the marketing team to tailor both the on and off page content and meta data. Due to this and the semantically created WordPress templates we created in the custom theme, since the launch of the new site – according to Google Webmaster Tools – ┬áthe amount of search queries the site has been included in has increased significantly.

Due to the vast number of events The Spring stage and the heavy load this was implementing on their existing web server, once launched, we also helped transfer the site over to a dedicated VPS server, thereby further offering both new and old customers an enhanced browsing experience.

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