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Project Brief

Musician and Producer Chris Read contacted Flint & Tinder with a brief for the task of creating a new website for his London-based advertising soundtrack agency the Chris’ brief was quite detailed and specific as he already had a strong idea of the look and feel for the site. Originally this look and feel was based around the existing identity he had created the brand.

The functionality of the site was fairly straight-forward in theory; Chris required a site that easily supported video embedding and was simple to update.

Once was completed, Chris also returned to Flint & Tinder for another commission. This time the project was to create a simple one-page site for his personal website.

The Solution

After an initial design had been approved, the decision was made to build the site with WordPress, due to it’s built in support for the easy embedding of videos hosted on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo. In order to create other functions that Chris required and make the system as easy to use as possible, custom post types were created to easy allow different types of content such as video projects, news items and featured videos to be easily created and organised.

During the build the look of the site went through several changes from the predominantly yellow initial design and Chris opted to use the opportunity to refresh the company’s branding for the new site. The final lanuched design is based on a simpler colour palette, allowing the exceptional work to speak for itself. The yellow theme was not discarded completely though as it formed the basis of the minimal one-page portfolio site we created for Whilst both sites might be every different in terms of the use of bold colour, we feel that the minimal approach both use definitely prove evidence that the saying ‘sometimes less is more,’ is forever accurate.

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