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Website design for UK based dance nutrition advisors UDO Wellness Club

Website design for UDO Wellness

UDO Wellness hopmepage design in full

The full homepage design.

Photoshop montage for UDO Wellness Club

Custom Photoshop collage #1

2nd photoshop montage for UDO Wellness Club

Custom Photoshop collage #2

Flyer design for Cardiff based UDO Wellness Club

A5 flyer design

Logo Design, Website Design, Flyers & Photoshop Work

Project Brief

Cardiff-based UDO Dance approached Flint & Tinder with the task of creating a logo and website design for a new offspring venture called UDO Wellness. The role of the UDO Wellness brand was to provide dancers of all ages with nutritional information and advice, whilst at the same time promoting and advertising the sale of the Herbalife range of products.

The brief required the logo to appeal to a broad range of ages and easily be associated with health and nutrition. The website design needed to be fresh, clean, colourful and appeal to the core demographic of the dancers themselves.

The Solution

Flint & Tinder┬ápresented a selection of logo designs, some contained elements that noticeably referenced nutrition or food, others were more based around the favoured ‘urban’ aesthetic of contemporary street dance. Recognising the marketing potential of such a design, UDO chose the option that created a simple smiley face with a segment of orange.

For the website design and flyers, Flint & Tinder created two custom Photoshop collages depicting street dancers, fruit and Herbalife products juxtaposed together with decorative elements of street culture to enhance the visual dynamics and add texture.

Once the website design was completed, the .psd file was sent to Glitterfish who completed the build.

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